Sustainable Buildings


What is Green / Sustainable Buildings?

The concept of green or sustainable buildings revolves around minimizing negative impact on the environment, making lives healthier and more productive, caring for other living beings, and preserving the natural resources.

Sustainable Buildings in Hyderabad

Why Sustainable building is important?

With the rapid pace in construction industry, threat to natural resources and wellbeing of living beings is increasing at a much faster rate.

Water Crisis

  • Rapid growth in India's urban areas has stretched government solutions, which have been compromised by over-privatization
  • Most of the water sources are contaminated with both bio and chemical pollutants
  • 21% of the country's diseases are water-related
  • India is left with 5 years to solve the water problem
CO2 emission in power generation

  • India is 4th highest emitter of CO2 in the world (source The Hindu)
  • 2,299 million tonnes in 2018
  • Emission is up by 5% every year
  • Impact of CO2 emission
    • Health & Well being
    • Environment
Psychological impact/ Health & Well being

  • Indoor air pollution levels are many times higher than outdoor air pollution
  • Improper ventilation system
  • Emission is up by 5% every year
  • Emission of VOC in the form of (asbestos, radon, formaldehyde) from paints, furnishes etc
Did you know? On an average, an adult at rest inhales and exhales 7 to 8 liters of air per minute i.e 10,000 liters of air for the day.
Environmental impact

  • Soil contamination
    • Results when hazardous substances are spilled or buried in the soil (chlorinated solvents, heavy metals, pesticides, and nitrates

  • Water Contamination
    • Being an excellent solvent, water mixes easily with chemicals and other pollutants. Rainfalls easily mixes with toxic liquid substances and seeps into the water streams to end up in nearby water bodies
    • Threat to aquatic living organisms and human beings
  • Air contamination
    • Harmful greenhouse gases are created from decomposing waste. These rise up the atmosphere and trap heat. Causing extreme weather reaction
    • Drastic effect on precipitation in the air. Resulting in acid and hailstorm
Yes! These are alarming issues

How Aparee Projects is Solving it?

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Construction Wastage

  • Action plan starts from day one itself. Our innovative approach is to primarily reduce construction wastage using proper modelling technique and precise estimations BIM.
  • Now, the wastage collected during different phases of construction is properly segregated and diverted for recycling and disposing. The recycled waste is either used in the same project or sold for good.
Water conservation system

  • Rainwater percolation system: improved availability up to 50%
  • Waste water treatment: 80% of waste water is treated and reused for general purpose ex gardening, flushes etc
  • Efficient Fixtures: Reducing excessive usage up to 60%
  • No water No life!
Green Energy using Solar Panel

  • We’re experts in designing roof top on grid system for residential and commercial buildings.
  • Majorly, Our system full fills almost 70% of energy needs in common areas.
  • Efficient Fixtures: Energy efficient lighting fixtures to reduce consumption
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Green Interiors /Natural Ventilation System

  • Our buildings are ideally designed to maximize in flow of fresh air and natural sunlight.
  • The design primarily considers fresh air circulation and recirculation to recharge indoor air and reduce co2 levels
  • Eco friendly paints
  • Improved IAQ (Indoor air quality)
  • Reduced VOC (Volatile organic compounds)

  • Buildings can never be greener without proper landscaping
  • Gardening, Terrace farming, Indoor/Outdoor planting. We carefully integrate landscaping in our designs to extract the best out of it. Not just visual beauty but serving the purpose for healthy environment
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Consumer Wastage handling system

  • We set separate dumping tanks for biodegradable and non-biodegradable wastage.
  • The separation of plastic from organic waste at initial level helps in storing, collecting, and transporting for further recycling.
  • Non- biodegradable waste (glass, electronic devices, metal etc) other then plastic is collected and diverted for safe recycling and dumping.



Power generation by solar


Water Savings


Temperature insulation


Improve comfort zones


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