Virtual Reality Retinawiz


Virtual Reality Retinawiz

Virtual reality is the term used to refer computer generated 3D artificial environment to resemble physical reality. The environment is interactable with the aid of sensors, high resolution visuals and sound to respond physical moments. This creates a real like feeling to the user.

Why VR in AEC Industry?

Virtual reality in AEC (Architectural, engineering & construction) industry is been adapted widely to bring ease in pre-execution work and to take less chances of failures

living room design

Questions like

  • How proportionate is furniture getting with the layout?

  • How comfortable the sitting arrangement is for fully occupied hall?

  • Lighting effect with the wall colors and textures?

These hypothetical questions can’t be answered with conventional 2d drawings or 3D models.
It requires feel of the scenario and certain logic to make confident decisions.

home interior design

Our Approach

Aparee Projects is using VR at various levels. This includes end to end construction projects and Interior works.

The whole idea is to expedite designing and approval works, considerably reduce the mockup budget and land to faster execution of work.

To leverage maximum potential of VR in AEC industry, we’re implementing VR at following levels

bedroom interior design

Aparee Projects provide VR experience for our clients at our state of the art experience centre.

By using VR technology, Aparee attempts to listen the VOC (voice of customer) and ensure a delightful journey of client working with us.